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Many people are concerned by the increasing censorship.
Now there’s a way for your voice to be heard.

Join us in our fight for the Freedom of Speech.

What Happened to Our Enthusiasm for Protecting Freedom of Speech?

Why have we become so apathetic? How did we get this lazy? Why are some many so uninspired? Have they dumbed us down that much? What happened to altruism and using the web to support Freedom of Speech around the world?

Have we become desensitized to the plight of the oppression of the Freedom of speech?

We need to find our indignant righteousness again. We need to make our voices matter. 

I’m asking people around the world to take a stand and let their voices be heard!

We can't let our voices be blocked and banned for the sake of a few self-appointed rulers. 

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We also need your help to spread the word to through your networks to get more to join us. Individually we are week, together we are strong!

We also need lawyers to help with class action lawsuits. 

Let us know if you can help or suggest what we can do to spread the word!

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