WordPress Class Action Lawsuits

wordpress censorship

Many people are concerned by the handling of their data by WordPress, Inc. Now there’s a way for your voice to be heard.

What happened to us?

Why isn’t the banning of 3 million WordPress.com websites and blogs aren't a big deal?

Why am I not seeing protests and opinions on this issue all over the web? 

New Alert: WordPress .com has taken down over 3 million websites and blogs! Is yours next?!

According to several complaints from affected blog owners and readers, claim the sites were removed from WordPress.com, despite not being in violation of the company’s Terms of Service! 

Some site owners also said they were not notified of the shutdown in advance and have lost their work. The removals, we’ve learned, are in part due to a new policy WordPress has rolled out that now prohibits blogs from the “malicious publication of unauthorized, identifying images of minors.”

'Automattic' the company behind WordPress.com, has created a new rule to specifically handle conspiracists, and boot them from its platform.

While some of the affected sites – which include some extreme right blogs and those floating conspiracy theories – had already been flagged for other violations, many were hosting "conspiracy theories" and other “false flag” content.

In a YouTube video, the host of one site lamented, “They have wiped out 11 years of my life.” He then read through WordPress.com’s Terms of Service, confused as to how he was in violation!


The update to WordPress.com’s policy follows a damning report from The New York Times says that the world’s largest blogging service is allowing conspiracy theorists to remain online.

Now WordPress.com’s policies are designed to be more resistant to the strategic use of copyright claims as a means of getting content removed!

Longtime web veterans know they were written this way because they were created at a time when large corporations would wield copyright law – like the DMCA – as a weapon used to force platforms to take down content about their company that they deemed unfavorable!

"If the booted bloggers now move to their own self-hosted sites, the responsibility of shutting them down will fall on the web hosting companies. Of course, don’t expect that to happen anytime soon" reports Lee Romanov, president of IncomeActivator.com, an alternative website platform.

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