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Many people are concerned by the handling of their data by Twitter, Inc. Now there’s a way for your voice to be heard.

Rep. Devin Nunes is suing Twitter.

More specifically, Nunes is suing Twitter, a Republican strategist, and two parody Twitter accounts, one purporting to be Nunes’s mother, the other purporting to be Nunes’s cow. The account is @Devincow.

First reported by Fox News, the complaint seems to be part of a plan almost destined to backfire spectacularly in the public eye: one of the more combative and well-known figures in Congress (particularly for his defences of President Donald Trump) deciding to sue a notoriously free-wheeling social media platform, two parody Twitter accounts, and a Republican operative who uses it frequently for $250 million over tweets like these.

fake tweets fake accounts

Nunes’s complaint might never get to the judgement phase and will most likely not result in a $250 million payout for Nunes and his actual, not-a-fake-Twitter-account mother.

But that’s not the point.

To the California Republican and his allies, social media platforms have been far too unfair to conservative and right-leaning users. And now, Nunes argues, it’s time to fight back — in court.

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