Apple iPhone Class Action Lawsuits

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Many people are concerned by the handling of their data by Apple, Inc. Now there’s a way for your voice to be heard.

Apple has been hit with a class action suit on behalf of 100 million iPhone users who, allegedly, are being spied on by the phone's location tracking tools.

In or around September 2012, Apple released iPhone 4 which contains an iOS operating system software that enables iPhone 4 to track its users’ whereabouts down to every minute, record the duration that users stay at any given geographical point, and periodically transmit these data stored on the users’ devices to Apple’s data base for future references.

According to belief and information, Plaintiff further alleges that Apple has released and disclosed the above described private information of iPhone users to third parties, including but not limited to US government who, according to information, has made more than 1,000 information requests to Apple.

China’s Central Television (CCTV) announced its investigation into iPhones’ Location Service, revealing for the first time that her iPhone 5S tracks and records her daily whereabouts without her knowledge, and Apple has been surreptitiously acquiring the data of her daily whereabouts down to every minutes without her knowledge, consent approval and permission.

Here is the lawsuit against Apple. Take this template and use it to sue Apple too.

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